Appeals and Collection Due Process Hearings

It is possible to appeal IRS collection actions. If the IRS is trying to enforce collection action against you, you have options. The two primary options are through a Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing and the Collection Appeals Program (CAP). The CDP is more complex and is an “after-the-fact” process—one you would use after a Notice of Federal Tax Lien or Final Notice of Intent to Levy have been received. CAP is available for a wider range of collection actions and is usually faster. CDP hearings that are lost can be taken to court; CAP, however, cannot be.


Through appeals and CDP hearings IRS collection action can often be stopped. Esquire Group is experienced in successful IRS negotiations to secure settlements and favorable resolutions.


Esquire Group will explain your options and rights, help you determine how to proceed, and represent you through the entire process.


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