Few things strike fear in people as much as an IRS examination (audit). This is especially true if you’re not sure that your tax reporting has been squeaky clean.


During an examination, the IRS goes through your income and deductions and makes you prove that they are legitimate. The goal of this exercise, of course, is try and squeeze more tax dollars out of you. The burden of proof is on you. You have to verify your income, exclusions, exemptions, deductions, and credits. We hope you kept all those records and receipts!


Esquire Group tax professionals have represented countless clients in IRS examinations. We are well versed in tax law and have the knowledge and experience to represent you effectively before the IRS. IRS examiners are often intimidating and will disregard your rights, given the opportunity. We know the rules and will make sure that the examination process is conducted in accordance with law.


Sometimes, no matter how we try, it isn’t possible to reach a favorable, or even fair, resolution with the IRS. In these situations, one of our affiliate attorneys can take the matter to tax court. Our tax professionals will collaborate and use their cumulative experience to protect your rights and negotiate a favorable outcome to your examination.


Esquire Group will review the issues raised by the IRS along with your returns and supporting documentation to identify areas of concern, and represent you during the IRS examination to secure a favorable resolution.


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