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  1. March 15 Tax Deadline is Here

    • by Jimmy Sexton
    • March 15th, 2018

    March 15 Tax Deadline is Here

    The March 15 tax deadline is here! It’s time to file your partnership (Form 1065), S-Corporation (Form 1120S), and Foreign Trust with U.S. Tax Owner (Form 3520-A) tax returns!

    We can assist you in filing an extension and preparing your tax returns. Contact us here.

  2. Esquire Group October Tax Reminder

    • by Jimmy Sexton
    • September 15th, 2017

    October Tax Reminder: Extended Tax Return Filing Deadline

    Here is Esquire Group’s October tax reminder! Taxpayers who filed extensions for certain types of U.S. tax returns only have 30 days left to file them. Generally taxpayers can request an automatic extension until October 15th to file certain types of U.S. tax returns. This year, however, taxpayers who filed such an extension will have until October 16th, since October 15th falls on a weekend.


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