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  1. An In – Depth Look at the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

    • by Jimmy Sexton
    • August 7th, 2018

    In this webinar recording by Jimmy Sexton, LL.M., he gives a detailed explanation of the IRS Streamlined Procedures. You’ll get the answers to such questions, as:

    1. What is a Streamlined Procedure?
    2. Who can use the Streamlined Procedures?
    3. What do the Streamlined Procedures entail?
    4. What are the requirements of the Streamlined Procedure?
    5. What is downside of Streamlined Procedures?

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  2. Undisclosed Foreign Income or Assets – Which IRS Amnesty Program Is Right for Me?

    • by Jimmy Sexton
    • June 27th, 2018

    We know, everyone’s heard, everyone knows and everyone is aware that OVDP is ending, but we felt it couldn’t hurt to give one last reminder.
    September 28 is just 10 weekends away, and OVDP will be gone forever!

    In this recorded webinar, Rainer Fiege- Kollmann answers questions, such as: Who is required to file an FBAR? Which amnesty programs other than OVDP exist?

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  3. Guilty of GILTI? A New Tax for Some Expats

    • by Jimmy Sexton
    • June 15th, 2018

    Guilty of GILTI? A New Tax for Some Expats

    Are you guilty of GILTI? You better hope not! GILTI stands for “Global Intangible Low Taxed Income” and was enacted as part of the U.S. 2017 Tax Reform. Under GILTI, U.S. expats who own and operate businesses through foreign corporations could be forced to pay U.S. tax on their foreign corporation’sprofits, regardless of whether or not they receive a dividend!

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