Concierge Tax Service

Unless you like doing things the hard way

We offer US international tax preparation services to the clients globally.

What kind of person are you?

Are you a cheap?

Or, do you want the best?

If you’re looking for a bargain, keep googling. Otherwise, we might be a good fit for you.

We don’t compete on price. Here’s the hard truth:

There’s no such thing as affordable luxury.

Our clients include:

  • US residents with foreign income and/or assets
  • Americans abroad
  • Non-residents with US income and/or assets
  • Foreign entities with US income and/or assets
  • US entities with foreign income and/or assets

The more the merrier

We’ll take $200 off the price of your return for each person you refer to Esquire Group that becomes a Concierge Tax Service client.

Our service deliver:

  • Ultimate convenience
  • Premium quality
  • Licensed professionals
  • Personalized service
  • Custom solutions

We’ll take a dive deep into your return to ensure its accuracy and that your tax savings are maximized.

Each of our licensed preparers are limited to having just 100 clients – far below the industry average. We pride ourselves on forming personal relationships with our clients. Stick with us and you’ll have the same preparer year-after-year.

Clients entrust our tax preparers with great responsibilities. We’ll put in the time and effort to care for your specific needs so that you can relax knowing that dependable experts have your back.

Sound good to you?

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Tax Evaluation

We want to get to know you. That’s why the first step in becoming a Concierge Tax Service client begins with a Tax Evaluation – a one-on-one consultation with one of our international tax consultants.

Don’t worry, the Tax Evaluation isn’t an interrogation. It’s just a conversation about things like where you live, how you make you money, and your assets so that we can determine your needs.

Within a few days, you’ll receive:

  • A written summary of your Tax Evaluation
  • A detailed fee estimate for our services
  • An explanation about why we believe you need certain services

Step 2 – Onboarding

Our helpful client relations team will guide you through our onboarding process which includes:

  • Assigning your personal international tax consultant
  • Reviewing your prior 3 years tax returns for correctness
  • Performing an IRS compliance check to ensure that you have no pending tax issues

Step 3 – Tax Preparation

Once we’ve received your source documents, we’ll get to work preparing your return – and naturally, we’ll be available throughout the year to answer any questions you might have.

Upon completion of your return, we’ll have a call to ensure you fully understand it before filing.

A few weeks after your return is filed, we’ll request verification from the IRS that it was received.

Step 4 – Year-End Tax Planning

In the last quarter of the year, we’ll offer you an optional Year-End Tax Planning consultation to identify any tax planning opportunities and discuss any possible changes that may impact your taxes.


Tax Reminders

You’ll receive reminders 60 days, 30 days, and 14 days prior to any relevant tax deadlines.

Tax Compliance Monitoring

Your consultant will be your appointed representative with the IRS. This way we receive copies of any IRS correspondence and can respond appropriately.

Optional Annual Tax Season Kick-Off Call

Even though we’ll be discussing your situation at the end of the year, things can change drastically in just a few months. We’ll strategize for the upcoming year to make sure we’re prepared.

Complementary Digital Archive

Your tax documents will be available to you year-round through our secure web-based client portal.

Our Commitment to You

Although we hope you join the Esquire Group family, we want to make sure that you are in good hands even if you don’t.

If you decide that Esquire Group isn’t right for you, then we’ll put you in contact with a trusted tax professional that may be a better fit for you.

We only want to work with people who are excited to work with us.

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