Be Heard.
Be Understood.

Be Heard.
Be Understood.

Customized one-on-one US International
tax preparation services with a dedicated expert consultant.
Customized one-on-one US International
tax preparation services with a dedicated expert consultant.
Concierge Tax Service Our clients include Esquire Group

Our clients include:

The Esquire Edge

We’re not high-volume paper pushers.

We’re not seasonal number crunchers.

We don’t rush through tax returns and stuff them in a file-cabinet until the next year.

Year round, Esquire Group’s international tax consultants track changes in the law, create custom solutions, and are available to speak one-on-one with you year-round to answer your questions and offer advice.

We understand that taxes are painful and that you would rather spend your time and attention on just about anything else.

Our goal is to get you back to enjoying life and we’ll do the heavy lifting to keep you in tax compliance and save you money whenever possible.

Personalized Service

Every client is assigned a personal international tax consultant.

Our tax consultants are limited to having just 100 clients – far below the industry standard. When you call, your tax consultant will know your situation without needing to look up your file.

Your personal tax consultant will have the time and freedom to review your personal situation and review strategies and explore options… year-round.

As part of our onboarding process for new clients, we’ll review your prior returns to check for mistakes.

We find a lot of them…

…over 90% of the returns we check contain errors that can cause serious problems in the future.

Stick with us and the same tax consultant will prepare your return year-after-year. Your consultant will become intimately familiar with your personal situation.


Don’t be a stranger.

You’ll have year-round access to your personal tax consultant.

  • Considering a new investment?
  • Wondering how a law you heard about in the news will impact you and your family?
  • Have other concerns?

Just reach out.

It’s that simple.

We never want you to feel  forgotten.

We want to hear from you regularly.

In fact, we need to.

Multiple times throughout the year, your personal tax consultant will touch base with you to see if your personal situation has changed and to inform you of any relevant changes to the law.

Regular communication is needed to achieve the level of service we have set for ourselves and believe you deserve.

Our Commitment To You

We never want you to feel rushed at tax time.
You’ll receive gentle reminders about important dates and deadlines throughout the year.
If you provide the requested documents on time, your filing experience will not feel rushed.

Proactive Planning

Most people have never experienced the benefits of a dedicated tax consultant…

… and for good reason…

Most tax preparation services merely document and record events that have already occurred.

But that’s a great way to leave money on the table.

The Concierge Tax Service includes personalized and customized proactive tax planning.

Your tax professional will help you make moves today that will help you be tax efficient for years to come – naturally, we’ll reduce your tax bill whenever possible.

Planning for the future is the best way to be prepared for it.

Tax Watchdog

The IRS makes mistakes… and they primarily communicate through snail-mail.

We’ll monitor all communication from the IRS to catch their errors before they snowball into costly problems. We’ve already saved several clients from serious tax issues.

You can relax knowing our professionals including your personal tax consultant are looking out for your best interest.



Here’s what customers and other tax professionals are saying about Esquire Group and its Founder & CEO, Jimmy Sexton, LLM.

It is reassuring to know we can depend on everyone at the Esquire Group to answer or solve any problems we may encounter with our business ventures. All of our dealings with the Esquire Group have been professional, timely and efficient. We chose the Esquire Group because of their experience and knowledge. They have set themselves apart from other firms and have exceeded our expectations
Grey and Laurie Ruegamer
On many occasions the Esquire Group has come through in the clutch. Being an independent contractor, I am always on the lookout for any tax breaks that are available to me. Always thorough, James and his staff save me countless dollars that others have overlooked. These guys are legit!
Curtis A.
Esquire Group has been an outstanding tax return preparer over the better part of the last decade for us. We have complex international and domestic transactions that Esquire Group has handled very well. We provide all of our information, answer any questions, and have the confidence that our tax returns are tax authority compliant manner.

Esquire Group came to our attention through a trusted advisor, and we are thrilled to be a satisfied client after all these years. We look forward to many more years so we can remain compliant with the ever-changing reporting requirements.
Gina and Pete Culpepper
I just want to thank Esquire services for a very professional job in handling my taxes. I hadn't filed taxes in the States for 17 years. So my backed taxes were a huge mess. Esquire was extremely helpful and very patient in helping sort out this problem. I also compared their prices and services with other firms and found that Esquire was the best. I had a very pleasant experience with Esquire
I have been working with Mr. Sexton and Esquire Group for many years. They are the most knowledgeable source for foreign tax issues I have run into in over 25 years of practice. Mr. Sexton does things correctly to keep you out of trouble with the IRS and the U.S. Government and I have yet to stump him on a foreign issue, I have tried many times. If you have a complex tax situation and or any foreign investments, holdings, or property I strongly recommend you contact Esquire Group.
Derek Collotta
Jimmy Sexton calls himself an 'international tax badass' and that's not an exaggeration. He's my go-to guy whenever one of our clients is looking to structure streams of international income to minimize their tax liabilities.
Mark Nestmann
I have worked with Jimmy Sexton on various international tax issues. With a base in Dubai, we are often faced with transactions involving Family Offices, high net worth individuals and high income earners. International wealth structuring is complex. Very few tax practitioners have a solid understanding of the myriad tax issues involved. Such structures also implicate foreign matters with which the practitioner must become familiar in order to implement a feasible structure.

Jimmy is one of these few specialists.

One of the benchmarks in determining a good practitioner is the individual’s capacity and willingness to exchange ideas and discuss tax concepts even if the issues are not involved in a case on which they are currently working. Jimmy and I often engage in such discussions and through such exchanges are kept updated and on the cutting edge of international planning.
Virginia La Torre Jeker

The more the merrier

We’ll take $200 off the price of your return for each person you refer to Esquire Group that becomes a Concierge Tax Service client.

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