Corporate Structuring

Corporate structuring is the design and implementation of the corporate structure through which you conduct your business. Choosing the right corporate structure is vital to the success of your business and protection of your assets.


A proper corporate structure can help minimize or defer taxes, protect assets, and ease administrative burdens. Creating the right structure can be challenging; Esquire Group will hold your hand through the whole process. People are often caught off-guard by the tax consequences of their business decisions, but with our team watching your back, you need not worry.


Your corporate structure can be implemented all at once or in stages, depending on your needs. Our structures are designed to be flexible so that your structure can adapt as you grow and change the way you do business. Esquire Group is capable of implementing most stages of your plan “in-house”, including:


  • Formation of most, if not all, of your entities
  • Completion of your state and federal filings
  • Filing of necessary forms with the tax authorities


Esquire Group will continue to work with you on a continuing basis to ensure that you are operating your structure in full compliance with tax laws and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the structure you have chosen.


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