Cross-Border Estate Planning

A properly executed estate plan can protect you and your family in the event of sickness, accidents, or death. With just a little advanced planning, you can help your family avoid wasted expense and unnecessary hardship.


As difficult as estate planning can be, cross-border estate planning can make the process even more overwhelming if you don’t have the support of an international estate planning specialist like Esquire Group. For example, some countries levy estate tax on the estate of the decedent, while other countries levy estate tax on the heirs, while yet other countries have no estate tax at all. Take for example, a U.S. citizen resident in Spain who dies. The U.S. will tax the U.S. citizen’s estate by virtue of his citizenship while Spain will tax his heirs. Double taxation! For this reason, it is imperative to implement proper planning or your heirs could get left with nothing.


We assist individuals and families with all aspects of cross-border estate planning whether you are a U.S. citizen, foreign client with U.S. business interests or have assets in the U.S. Our experienced team will assist with taxation of permanent and temporary foreign residents; U.S. estate, gift, and income taxation of non-resident aliens; community property and asset protection issues.


When executing a cross-border estate plan, there are many things that must be taken into consideration, including:


  • Your citizenship, domicile, and residency
  • Where your assets are located
  • Your beneficiaries and where they are located
  • Your executor, trustee, power of attorney and where they are located
  • The tax systems and legal implications of other countries
  • Income Tax Treaties
  • Estate and Gift Treaties


Esquire Group will evaluate all of the information regarding your estate planning goals and present you with options for passing your estate to your intended heirs while reducing the burden estate and gift taxes. We will then ensure you are reporting all of your assets in compliance with U.S. tax regulations. Esquire Group will be available to answer questions and advise you as needed when estate planning revisions are required due to changes in your goals or assets.


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