Domestic Tax Consulting

Businesses view taxes like most of us do–as a burden that can’t be avoided. Naturally, businesses want to maximize their profitability which means minimizing taxes whenever possible. To be fair, the U.S. tax code provides plenty of opportunities to save on taxes, but you need a skilled advisor in your corner who knows what those opportunities are and how to take advantage of them. Esquire Group is that advisor; a team of tax professionals providing tax compliance and advisory services. We offer numerous business tax services, including:

  • Business Tax Advisory
  • Business Tax Compliance
  • Tax Accounting
  • Employment Tax Advisory

In addition to managing the challenge of making day to day decisions, U.S. businesses must also face concerns of performance, liquidity, and growth potential. Esquire Group professionals will provide tax compliance and advisory services to help you with tax planning, compliance, and maintaining open communication with the tax authorities, when necessary.


Employers are responsible for paying both their share of payroll taxes and depositing their employees’ shares withheld from paychecks to the IRS. Social Security and Medicare taxes that are imposed on employers and employees as well as unemployment taxes must be reported in addition to Federal taxes collected. Employment taxes need to be accurately and timely reported in order to avoid steep penalties and Esquire Group can help you understand your responsibilities so that you don’t run afoul of the rules.


Esquire Group will ensure that you understand your tax reporting responsibilities, help you maintain your records in compliance with U.S. tax code, and guarantee your taxes are accurately and timely reported.

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