Employment Tax Issues and the Trust Fund Recover Penalty

If the IRS is investigating you for misfiled or unfiled employer tax returns or if you owe employment taxes and related penalties, Esquire Group can help you. There are a multitude of reasons why you could get into trouble with employer taxes; anything from bookkeeper error, cash crunch, employee theft, etc. Whatever the reason, the IRS takes employer tax issues very seriously – so expect them to come with a vengeance.


Employers are responsible for the calculation and withholding of a number of federal, state, and local taxes, including Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax (FICA), Medicare Tax, and Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA). This responsibility requires the timely deposit of both the employees’ FICA and Medicare taxes and the employer’s matching share.


Esquire Group will provide expert advice on employment tax matters and assist you in the resolution of employment tax issues related to missed or incorrect filings and unpaid tax deposits. We will then help to ensure that future returns and deposits are filed accurately and timely.


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