Entity Services

U.S. Entity Formation

Esquire Group can help you determine the type of entity that best suits your individual situation, and form it for you. We can form corporations, s-corporations, partnerships, LLCs, limited partnerships, trusts, as well as other less common entities. We will guide you in determining the best choice by evaluating your goals and factoring in.



Nevis Entity Formation

Nevis entities are ideal for running a business, facilitating commercial investment, or protecting assets. When setting up Nevis entities, it is critical that you secure the help of professionals experienced in the process to ensure it is done right. Through our network of qualified and licensed specialists, Esquire Group is able to not only form Nevis entities but also ensure you understand any relevant tax implications of owning a foreign entity.



Foreign Entity Formation

Esquire Group can, through our network, form entities in almost every country in the world. Entity formation in an international context requires careful contemplation of factors not normally considered when forming entities in the U.S. For example, you must consider political stability, legal system reliability, currency controls, banking, access to professionals, as well as tax regime of the countries. The good news is, when operating internationally there are ample planning opportunities that can help mitigate risks while reducing, and even deferring U.S. tax until repatriated.



Registered Agent Services

If you own your own an entity you likely know that most, if not all, state laws dictate that you must have a registered agent to receive service of process as well as certain other documents. If you don’t maintain a registered agent your entity risks losing its legal status within that state as well as incurring penalties.



Corporate Formality Maintenance

One of the primary reasons business owners form corporations is to limit liability.  However these benefits only apply if you follow the rules.


Corporate formalities are not complicated and are fairly easy to maintain.  But, not doing so can cause you a lot more aggravation than spending the time and money to comply now.



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