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Estate Planning for Muslims with Assets in Non-Sharia Law Countries Sharia law's inheritance rules are rigid and require that a deceased Muslim's estate be passed to heirs in clearly defined "shares".

Sharia's share system makes estate planning for assets located in a Sharia law country pretty simple, the assets get passed via Sharia's share system - wills and trusts generally aren't recognized.

But what happens if a deceased Muslim had assets in a non-Sharia country? This can have devastating consequences without proper estate planning? This is because the deceased Muslim's assets will be passed according to the laws of the country where the asset was located rather than Sharia law.

In this webinar we will discuss some of the challenges facing Muslims with assets in non-Sharia law countries, as well as estate planning strategies that can benefit them.

Got questions? We got answers! There will be a Q&A session after the presentation.

A recording of this webinar will be posted on our YouTube channel (youtube.com/esquiregroup)
Dec 8, 201812:00 +041 hour

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