Filing of Delinquent Tax Returns

If you failed to file your tax returns, regardless of why – buried your head in the sand, figured you didn’t owe anything, were ill, or just didn’t feel like filing – we can help get you caught up.

 Esquire Group will prepare and file your delinquent returns. If you do not have the income information from the years you failed to file, don’t worry, we can usually get that information from the IRS.

Depending on how long it’s been since you filed, the IRS may have filed a “substitute for return” on your behalf. Basically, this means the IRS filed a tax return for you – and no, they did not allow you any deductions! If this is your situation, Esquire Group will work with the IRS to ensure the returns we prepare replace the substitute for returns the IRS prepared, taking in to account proper deductions, exemptions, and credits.

Whatever the situation, we will guide you through the complex rules and regulations to get you back into compliance with the IRS.

Esquire Group can secure tax information from the IRS, if needed, ensure you take advantage of all of available deductions, exemptions, and credits, and prepare and file your delinquent return.

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