Inbound Transactions

Investing in the U.S. requires special attention to how the investment will be taxed, not only by the U.S. but by the country where the business is based. This requires careful planning and flawless implementation. Tax laws and regulations change frequently in the U.S. and if you and your advisors aren’t up to speed on the latest changes, it could have a negative impact your investment.

Due to the complexity of the U.S. tax system it only makes sense that you enlist the services of a skilled tax advisor who will understand your unique requirements and the interplay between the U.S. tax laws and those of your home country. Esquire Group is that advisor. You will be working with a professional international tax team that will focus on strategies that will allow you to remain competitive.

Esquire Group will structure your inbound investments to help maximize profits, minimize tax exposure, and help you keep your company competitive on a global scale. We will review the tax laws of each country where you are doing business to determine how those laws will impact you.


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