Manage Anxiety and Create Body Awareness

        In the past few years, exercise has began permeating through our society as a catch-all for solving any health-related problem; obesity, injury, and depression. Working out has become known as a panacea (the magic pill which will always improve how patients feel). But can it really be applied so broadly? Is every type of exercise beneficial for everyone? And when is it too much?

        At Esquire Group we are generally a rather active bunch, but recently we have come to realize that often what is really missing is balance. The prime example, we all sit too much and move too little, which is why exercise can often be a very beneficial lifestyle change. In some cases, however, people do to much in their quest, and this is where yoga comes in. Nowadays, yoga has become somewhat of a trend, with everyone from your mailman to your grandmother talking about their asanas, yamas, niyamas, and how they never knew what breathing is until they tried Ujjayi.


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