The Worst Way to Maintain Privacy

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Many of my clients qualify as “Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals” – they’re worth $50 million and up.

People with this kind of money are very concerned about privacy – and rightfully so.

As Biggie said, Mo Money – Mo Problems.

To protect themselves and maintain privacy, many UHNWIs refuse to use Face or Touch ID on their iPhones. They only browse the internet with a VPN. Some hire experts to scrub the internet of their name.

Most stay off social media entirely.

Many believe that storing information on “the cloud” is for morons and only maintain physical files.

Gmail = maintain privacy

Yet, many use Gmail!?

This is absurd.

Gmail accounts are “free” because Google is using your private information for all sorts of stuff.

It is the last email service you should be using if you are at all concerned about privacy.

Even if you are not a UHNWI, you can secure some privacy by using an encrypted email service like ProtonMail.

But UHNWIs can afford anything they want.

If you truly want to secure your privacy, pull a Hillary Clinton and install you own server in your house. Pay a team of experts to monitor its security around the clock.

Just don’t start deleting stuff if you are under investigation. Unlike her, that will get you locked up for quite some time.

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