Innocent Spouse Relief

Many spouses innocently sign tax returns without a second thought. Like it or not, for better or worse, does include your tax liability if you file a joint tax return.


Should your spouse or former spouse find himself or herself in trouble with the IRS, you too may be in trouble. Divorce does not automatically relieve you of your tax debt incurred while married. If, however, you were unaware of the tax issues, you may be entitled to innocent spouse relief. If you qualify you will be relieved of your tax debt and your spouse or ex-spouse will get stuck with the entire tax bill!


The path to being granted innocent spouse relief is not a simple one; it can be complicated and stressful, bringing up old wounds in many cases.


Esquire Group will evaluate your unique circumstances and explain your available options to ensure the best possible outcome. Once you have chosen an option we will file the necessary documents to get you the tax relief you deserve.


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