IRS Commissioner to be impeached for high crimes?


Wouldn’t it be nice if the really bad guys were punished…the ones at the top…the ones wasting our tax dollars going after their own agenda. But then life’s not fair.

Case in point. You may remember a few years back when it was brought to our attention that the IRS had been targeting conservative groups who were seeking tax-exempt status. Well, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Chaffetz remembers and has introduced a resolution to impeach the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for allegedly failing to cooperate with Congress in its investigation of the charges.

According the resolution Koskinen is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” and that he exhibited “a pattern of deception that demonstrates his unfitness to serve as Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.” It seems he made a series of false and/or misleading statements during his testimony to the Committee during the investigation of the IRS’s handling of Tea Party groups who were seeking tax-exempt status.

The IRS has of course denied the allegations and say they fully cooperated. Right.

Koskinen testified that since the start of the investigation all emails of Lois Lerner, the then head of the Exempt Organizations Division, had been preserved—nothing was lost or destroyed. Well in February of 2014, it was discovered that Lerner’s computer hard drive had crashed, rendering hundreds or thousands of her email unrecoverable. Coincidence? Doubtful!

We’ll never know what really happened or the extent of the targeting and cover-up. Someone one should be held accountable and that person should be the one at the top—Koskinen. But he won’t be held accountable, because as we know, life’s not fair.

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