Liens and Levies

Has the IRS seized your bank account or are they threatening to do so? Did you find a tax lien on your credit report? If so, Esquire Group can help. When you owe the IRS money and haven’t made arrangements to pay them, the IRS can seize or sell your property through the use of liens and levies.


Don’t confuse levies and liens. A lien is a claim on your property used to secure your tax debt. For example, the IRS could place a lien on your house and in the event of a sale or refinance any proceeds would go towards your tax debt. A levy, on the other hand, confiscates your property as a means to satisfy your tax debt. For example, the IRS will take all the money out of your bank account or attach your wages.


Esquire Group is experienced in negotiating with the IRS to secure the release of liens, the reduction or release of levies, and in the resolution of other IRS tax matters. Give us a call if you are at risk for or are being threatened by an IRS lien or levy.


Esquire Group will evaluate your situation, determine the best course of action, and negotiate with the IRS to secure a favorable resolution.


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