Our Core Values

“Sticking to your values is easy when they aren’t challenged.”

-Jimmy Sexton, Founder and CEO.


Esquire Group’s core values are at the heart of our corporate identity. Businesses often advertise their values, but few adhere to them when doing so will cost them money or cause them to lose face. The true test of a business’ dedication to its values is how it behaves when adherence to them is difficult.

At Esquire Group, we believe that staying loyal to our core values, even when it is difficult, ensures we do what is right. For that reason, we want you to know, not only what our core values are, but what they mean to us.


Commitment to Quality

Producing the highest quality work is of the utmost importance to us, not only because that’s what our clients pay us for, but because we demand the best from ourselves. We don’t compromise doing things correctly in favor of just getting them done.
Our work is often complicated, and requires thorough and focused attention to detail. We do our best to stay on schedule, and within budget; however, when circumstances change, new information presents itself, or an issue is more complicated than previously thought, it isn’t always possible. When this happens we inform our client of the revised timeline and budget, and give them a detailed explanation. Rushing can lead to mistakes, which often winds up costing more than having taken the time to do it correctly in the first place.

Uncompromising Integrity

To us integrity means doing our best, not taking shortcuts, admitting failure, being honest, and putting our clients’ best interest over our own.
On occasion, our uncompromising integrity can cause friction with clients who prefer to hear what they want to hear rather than what is correct or who want to take shortcuts in an effort to save time and money. Although we strive to put our clients’ satisfaction first, we will not compromise our integrity. We never like losing clients, but if forced to choose between losing a client and our integrity, we will always choose our integrity.

Always be Accountable

We believe in being accountable, not only to our clients, but to each other. We are big on being responsible for our actions, and living up to our word.
Our clients pay us to do a job. It is our duty to perform that job to the best of our ability, and we are very proud of the high quality work we produce. We believe in accountability so strongly, that if we discover a mistake in the work we perform, we bring it to the client’s attention, even if the mistake would likely have gone unnoticed.
On the rare occasion we make a mistake, we take responsibility and do our best to make it right; whether that be correcting the mistake at no charge, providing a discount, or possibly even paying a resulting penalty.

Constant Improvement

Our Founder and CEO, Jimmy Sexton, is never content with the status quo, and is constantly looking for ways to improve every aspect of our company. His dedication to constant improvement is shared by every Esquire Group team member. In fact, every month each team member is encouraged to undertake at least one professional development activity, as well as suggest one improvement to the company.
We are in business because of our clients, and we want them to have the best experience possible. To achieve that, we need to know what we can do better, which is why we always welcome suggestions from our clients, and encourage them to complete our anonymous customer survey at the conclusion of every project.

Relentless Dedication

We are dedicated to our core values. We are dedicated to our clients. We are dedicated to getting the job done. We are dedicated to providing a great client experience. We are dedicated to doing everything better.
We are dedicated.