Carrie Michael

Client Relations Representative

Enthusiastic & Proactive

Filled with a fresh sense of energy, Carrie brings both drive and enthusiasm to her role as Client Relations Representative. Because Esquire Group is so client-centered, Carrie is thrilled to be able to serve as their voice, and to develop a rapport with clients as she walks them toward a successful experience.

Her intense client focus, combined with her positive attitude and her ability to prioritize her time effectively, has made Carrie’s transition to Esquire Group a seamless one. She makes a point to be proactive in her approach—not only with clients, but also with her own professional growth, regularly seeking out opportunities to deepen and broaden her knowledge and skill set.

This passion for learning and for helping others has been evident throughout her career, and she is no stranger to building strategic partnerships and putting clients first. With her upbeat attitude and commitment to productivity, Carrie is always up for a new challenge and welcomes the learning curve inherent in undertaking unfamiliar assignments.

As she continues pushing herself to grow, Carrie enjoys being able to draw upon her compassion as well as her talent for using research to remain ahead of the curve on upcoming projects. Efficient and hardworking, she is usually happiest when building connections with others through empathy and a shared sense of humanity.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Carrie values her family and books above perhaps all else, as—in her view—both are essential for learning about life, love, and all the things that make the world go round. When she’s not spending her free time with either books or family members, you’ll find her biking, drinking coffee, and relaxing with friends by the pool.