Cesar Tolico

International Tax Consultant

Bold & Collaborative

It may be a bit surprising that, as an International Tax Consultant, one of Cesar’s key strategies is embracing the unknown. His philosophy, however, is focused around the very practical idea that once we tackle the things we don’t know, they become less alarming and therefore more manageable.

With this bold, can-do attitude backed by savvy instincts and years of experience, Cesar excels in helping clients solve their tax disputes to the benefit of both themselves and the government. The aspect he enjoys most? Getting the IRS off clients’ backs—always with the utmost integrity and professionalism, of course. He expertly answers questions, meets goals and deadlines, and cooperates effortlessly with managers and clients alike.

In the course of his day-to-day work, Cesar enjoys being able to ease any anxiety his clients may be feeling through a combination of research, information, and an approach based on collaboration and compliance. He also places a premium on treating people with respect both in and out of the office—a quality he very much values in others as well.

Cesar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Kean University, and is an Enrolled Agent, the highest credential awarded by the IRS.

Fueled by a constant supply of coffee and water, Cesar nevertheless appreciates those days when he can truly relax, and often spends his down time indulging in two of his self-professed weaknesses—naps and cartoons.