Deborah Larsen

Client Relations Manager

Number of years at the company: Started in 2004 left for a couple of years so
about 10+ years

Number of years in the business: Tax wise, 15+ years

What do you most love about what you do?
Interaction with our clients. Making
them feel less stress with their situation. Asserting a Company for their needs in
which I believe in and trust myself.

What are the qualities and skills that make you good at what you do?
Double sword question—I am a sympathetic, put myself in others shoes mind-set
person. I have had my own struggles and believe those lessons/experiences
have carried through with ascertaining a clients’ mood/needs/etc. which Allows
me to guide them through our system easily. —yes there are difficult clients as
well and I seem to have a way to bring them around.

What do people (bosses, colleagues, employees, clients) say about you?
Well, employees/boss? IDK lol… good and bad I’m sure. Clients—they
generally love me and more importantly TRUST me. (I have a love/hate
with the boss ;o) I left for a couple of years and “honestly” I can’t think of
anyone else I’ll work for until I retire…. He trusts me, as I him. His
knowledge warrants my judgment and the relations I make w/ clients.
This generally proves to be an asset for my position

Why do they like to work with you?
Clients get a feeling of relief and trust with me. They know/learn I will do whatever I need to do to try and make their life
easier, I’m here for them– while assessing their needs and utilizing our team to put them into the area they need in order to restore their compliance (in most cases) or assist in proper Advisory Consulting

Describe one thing you’ve accomplished in your current position that you’re
proud of.
The glue sometimes holding clients together– Making clients happy is
all that comes to mind.

What are two things you can’t live without, and why?
What’s one thing you
absolutely can’t stand? My phone lol and air. There really isn’t anything else
that I couldn’t live w/out—other than the norm—food, drink, etc. Air to breathe to
exist and my phone to further exist lol. I can’t stand LIARS or talk behind my

What would your spouse, child, or best friend say are your best and worst
Again double sword—I try to “help” sometimes too much and
sometimes doing w/out myself in the interim

What three things would you do on the perfect Saturday?
1. Be in Mexico or tropical place,
2. Have a cocktail in my hand and
3. be looking at the Ocean or on a boat on the Ocean/Lake—even better

Briefly describe the relevant previous experience—titles/companies of past
positions, a number of years worked, major accomplishments.

I’ve worked since I was 12 years old because I had to with a family business. I worked for NASA,
Lobby attorneys, Real Estate Attorneys and Tax attorneys. I worked several
years on the Hill in DC for the Jim O’Brien (Lobby Attorney) having my
Congressional Pass to assist Senators and Congressmen in the interim for Mr.
O’Brien/Mr. Lund. I worked for Melvin Simon Associates in California for a
couple of years (Real Estate Attorneys) as a Contract Specialist. I have booked
and managed bands in LA, and traveled in the music industry in earlier years as
a Talent Coordinator. I also have about 15+ years of bartending in the
entertainment/food beverage industry.
This is the longest job I’ve maintained (other than freelance Bartender) as I
generally moved from one State to another. I got married — damn it –and had to
stay put 😉

14. List your degrees (and schools, if desired), certifications, and any relevant
publications or honors/awards.
I have HR Certs, Software certs, no college
completion so I really don’t have anything to add to this.