Garry Velasquez

International Tax Consultant

Number of years at the company: 1 month

Number of years in the business: 11 years

What do you most love about what you do?
I love that every client is different and I love helping my clients find a solution to
their inquiries.

What are the qualities and skills that make you good at what you do?
I’m very good at understanding my client’s needs and I’m able to figure out any
complex tax issue in a timely manner.

What do people (bosses, colleagues, employees, clients) say about you?
They would say that I’m easy going, I’m always ready to help and I’m very

Why do they like to work with you?
They like working with me because I’m always there to help. I make people
around me laugh and I bring a positive energy to everything I do.

Describe one thing you’ve accomplished in your current position that you’re
proud of.
I’m proud to have presented at a tax conference. It’s never easy to get on stage
but I was well prepared and it helped me keep the audience engaged throughout
the presentation.

What are two things you can’t live without, and why? What’s one thing you
absolutely can’t stand?
I absolutely cannot live without wine because I enjoy having a glass of wine with
my wife after a long day of work. The second thing that I can’t live without is
soccer because I love playing soccer with my boys, I enjoy watching my favorite
team Barcelona and because it keeps me in shape by playing every week.

The one thing that I can’t stand is losing in sports, whether it’s when I’m playing
or whether I’m watching my favorite sports teams.

What would your spouse, child, or best friend say be your best and worst
qualities? My best quality is that I’m always positive and worst quality is that I’m
not a good dancer, or so they say.

What three things would you do on the perfect Saturday?
I would have a mimosa for breakfast, swim in the ocean and have lobster for
supper by the ocean.

Briefly describe the relevant previous experience—titles/companies of past
positions, a number of years worked, major accomplishments.
I worked as a consultant with two of the big 4 accounting firms for over 5 years. I
was able to be exposed to complex tax situation with high net worth clients.

List your degrees (and schools, if desired), certifications, and any relevant
publications or honors/awards.
I completed my bachelors in accounting and I have specialized in tax by taking the CICA in-depth
tax courses in Canada.