Jennifer Griffin, COO


As COO of Esquire Group, Jenn functions as the ultimate problem solver. Organized and hardworking, she pays close attention to every detail—yet retains the ability to see the bigger picture when it comes to developing policies, procedures, and processes.

With close to 20 years of operations management experience, Jenn enjoys navigating the challenges of helping the company run both more effectively and more efficiently. Even better, the processes she develops also help the employees to be more organized and complete their work more quickly, which in turn results in happier clients. Despite her focus on efficiency, however, Jenn is always willing to take the time to explain concepts, train others, and do whatever else she can to help.

In addition to being organized, Jenn also prioritizes honesty and fairness, combining her hard-nosed business sense with a refreshing willingness to give others the benefit of the doubt. She herself would always rather be told the truth, regardless of circumstances, and strives to be open and trustworthy in both her professional and her personal life. More than anything, she values her family for their unconditional love, her friends for their willingness to stand by her, and her dogs for their unwavering comfort and appreciation.

Prior to joining Esquire Group, Jenn honed her strategic and managerial skills in a variety of industries, including law, software development, and telecommunications. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Writing & Technical Communication.

When Jenn isn’t strategizing, organizing, and optimizing, you will find her spending time with family and friends, listening to live music, or heading out on a road trip, beach trip, or pretty much any kind of trip that involves different places and fun new experiences.