Jennifer Griffin

Chief Operating Officer

What do you most love about what you do?
I enjoy the challenge of developing processes that help the company run in an
organized and more efficiently manner. This helps our employees to be more
organized and complete their work in a timelier manner which results in happy

What are the qualities and skills that make you good at what you do?
I’m very organized and detail orientated. I also have the ability to see the whole
picture when developing policies, procedures and processes.

What do people (bosses, colleagues, employees, clients) say about you?
That I’m efficient, organized, hard working, and a true problem solver.

Why do they like to work with you?
I’m honest, fair, willing to do whatever I can to help, and I take the time to train
and/or explain things so people understand.

Describe one thing you’ve accomplished in your current position that you’re
proud of.
I’ve been able to develop processes that have allowed the company to operate in
a more organized and efficient manner.

What are two things you can’t live without, and why? What’s one thing you
absolutely can’t stand?
I can’t live without family for their unconditional love, friends for their willingness
to stand by you at your worst and my dogs for their comfort, unconditional love
and appreciation.
I can’t stand dishonesty…No matter what, I rather be told the truth.

What would your spouse, child, or best friend say are your best and worst
Best – I have been told that I am a very honest and kind person. I always put
everyone else ahead of myself.
Worst – Sometimes I’m too trusting and allow people to take advantage of me for
too long before doing something about it.

What three things would you do on the perfect Saturday?
Spend time with friends and family, listen to live music and travel (whether it be a
road trip or a trip to the beach).

Briefly describe relevant previous experience—titles/companies of past
positions, number of years worked, major accomplishments.
Office Manager for a law firm for 3 years
Office/Resource Manager for a software development firm for 2 years
National Account Manager for a telecommunication company for 3 years
Operations Manager for a telecommunication company for 4 years

List your degrees (and schools, if desired), certifications, and any relevant
publications or honors/awards.
BS in Multimedia Writing & Technical Communication