Joe Peterson


Number of years at the company: Less than 1

Number of years in the business: 42 years (yikes!!)

What do you most love about what you do?
Providing high-quality service to clients
Doing work that I am skilled at
Learning new things

6. What are the qualities and skills that make you good at what you do?
Lots of business experience
Professional accountant
Microsoft Excel expert
Super organized
Goal driven

7. What do people (bosses, colleagues, employees, clients) say about you?
Count on me to get work done on time and completely accurately
Friendly – easy to get along with
Funny – yes even for an accountant

8. Why do they like to work with you?
Can take on new challenges
Meets deadlines and quality standards

9. Describe one thing you’ve accomplished in your current position that you’re
proud of.
Worked with Company president to wrap-up Trust Liability account in fiscal
year 2016

10. What are two things you can’t live without, and why?
My wife – love her to the end of the world!
Running – I run almost every day. Great way to stay healthy, reduce stress
and provide me with the time to figure out the answer to all the world’s
problems 

What’s one thing you absolutely can’t stand?

What would your spouse, child, or best friend say are your best and worst
Best – funny, organized, positive attitude
Worst—needs recognition

What three things would you do on the perfect Saturday?
Go for long run
Work in my yard
Out for dinner with my wife

Briefly describe relevant previous experience—titles/companies of past
positions, number of years worked, major accomplishments.
President, Peterson & Associates Inc. 25 years – provided computer
training to over 70,000 people across Canada
Chief Financial Officer, Mohawk College 4 years
Chief Financial Officer, George Brown College 3 years

List your degrees (and schools, if desired), certifications, and any relevant
publications or honors/awards.
Bachelor of Mathematics
Certified General Accountant CGA
Chartered Professional Accountant