Mike Abel, Esq., LL.M.

Of Counsel

Number of years at the company: 10
Number of years in the business: 25

What do you most love about what you do?
The challenges related to domestic and international tax and asset protection

What are the qualities and skills that make you good at what you do?
Think out of the box. Detail oriented in analyzing complex situations and
simplifying them for clients. Risk reduction and privacy protection applications.

What do people (bosses, colleagues, employees, clients) say about you?
Can explain complex problems in a simplified manner so clients can understand.
Personable and persuasive.

Why do they like to work with you?
I do what I say. Honesty and integrity are first and foremost.

Describe one thing you’ve accomplished in your current position that you’re
proud of.
LL.M. international taxation. Able to assist many clients through OVDP programs
without risk of further penalties.

What are two things you can’t live without, and why? What’s one thing you
absolutely can’t stand?
My family and health as everything in life is irrelevant without both of them
People pounding on their chest. In our business people think that raising your
voice and threatening are effective ways to get what they want. I believe it

shows weakness and if you need to resort to threats, your position has no value
or validity.

What would your spouse, child, or best friend say are your best and worst
Best: Loyalty, honest and integrity.
Worst: Researching ancillary issues out of curiosity. Stubbornness.

What three things would you do on the perfect Saturday?
Spend time with the family, read and eat a great meal.

Briefly describe relevant previous experience—titles/companies of past
positions, number of years worked, major accomplishments.
I founded and built a real estate title company from the ground up employing over
100 people in 20 states. Founder of the Abel Law Group, PLLC with practice
focused on asset preservation / protection, estate planning, real estate, corporate
/ business law, privacy, and international taxation and structuring.

List your degrees (and schools, if desired), certifications, and any relevant
publications or honors/awards.
BA Business Management
Juris Doctorate
LL.M International Taxation – Summa Cum Laude