Rainer Fiege-Kollmann

Senior International Tax Consultant

Organized & Adventurous

Rainer Fiege-Kollmann is everything you’d expect from a senior international tax consultant: organized, detail-oriented, dependable. He provides tax advice and compliance assistance to high net-worth individuals, business owners, foreign investors, and American expats. He is a numbers person to the core, and he has never had a Streamline and Delinquent return submission rejected. Ever.

And yet Rainer is also very much a people person. He is genuinely interested in getting to know each client personally, along with his or her individual story. Armed with an array of knowledge and experience that spans several continents, Rainer approaches each client’s situation like a puzzle, examining every aspect as he looks for the optimal tax solution.

Despite his admirable precision, Rainer remains flexible and adaptable—traits which have been instrumental in his success. Since joining Esquire Group, he has welcomed the changes that inevitably arise in a growing company and a continuously shifting industry.

With work experience in Germany, Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, and the UAE, Rainer possesses a unique understanding of how the global economy and its varying cultures impact both international and U.S. domestic taxation.

His education, too, reflects his international background and expertise: he holds two Masters of Science degrees in International Management, one from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and the other from CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Jacobs University in Germany, and is an Enrolled Agent—the highest credential awarded by the IRS.

The surest way to get under Rainer’s skin is to go around leaving cupboard doors ajar, as the same precision that makes him such an excellent tax consultant also drives him to organize everything in sight. But that organization allows him to make the most of his time as well—time that he spends snowboarding and exploring new cities and countries whenever possible.