Strategy Sessions

A Strategy Session is a Consultation on steroids


Strategy Sessions are conducted personally by our Founder & CEO, Jimmy Sexton, LL.M, whose expertise is sought after by clients throughout the world. And, clients aren’t the only ones that rely on his opinion, media outlets ranging from newspapers to TV often rely on him as an expert in international taxation.


Jimmy’s opinion is so highly valued because of his unique perspective on international tax, business, and the world. One of the main things that set Jimmy apart is that his perspective is based on experience, not theory. Jimmy has lived and traveled all over the world. He is an entrepreneur and the CEO of an international business. Jimmy understands that effective strategic planning requires finding the right balance of converging interests; including, business strategy, tax strategy, access to banking, ease of management, and logistics.


Here’s how it works. You provide us with an explanation of your situation, your goals, and objectives, as well as any specific questions you have. Based on this information, Jimmy will formulate his preliminary ideas, strategies, and questions. Once he’s done so, we will schedule an in-person or telephonic meeting with Jimmy. During the meeting, you and Jimmy will have an in-depth conversation regarding your matter where he’ll offer his insight into any questions you may have. At the conclusion of the meeting, Jimmy will give you his recommendations and final thoughts. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a memo from Jimmy recapping your meeting, including his recommendations and analysis. Finally, Jimmy will address any final questions you may have.

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