Tax Consulting for Nonresident Aliens

If you are a nonresident alien but have U.S. income or assets, it is important that you understand how the U.S. will tax you, and that the U.S. tax system will treat you differently than it treats U.S. taxpayers. You need to know what those differences are and how they impact you.


We will make sure you understand how your U.S. income will be taxed, what tax treaties may apply, and the impact of estate and gift taxes. It is also important for you to understand the substantial presence test and how it can subject you to U.S. tax on your worldwide income simply because you spend too much time in the U.S.!

Our team can develop and implement strategies to reduce the impact of U.S. taxes. More times than not, proper planning can save you significantly on taxes.


Another requirement often overlooked is the reporting of foreign direct investment in the U.S.; this reporting is in addition to tax reporting. These investments may include business enterprises or real estate, for example. Reporting these investments can be confusing and, getting it wrong can lead to hefty penalties.

Esquire Group has years of experience advising nonresident aliens with U.S. income and assets and we are here to assist you.


Esquire Group will clearly explain your tax obligations, reduce the impact of U.S. taxes, and ensure you are reporting accurately and in a timely manner


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