U.S. Resident Tax Returns

Let’s face it, not many people get excited about preparing their taxes. In fact, most folks cringe at the thought. Here at Esquire Group, our goal is to make preparing your taxes as easy and painless as possible. You can rest assured that we will take advantage of all available deductions and credits in order to minimize your tax liability. Our tax experts are detail oriented and will ensure your return is completed accurately based on the information you provide.


However, our philosophy is that tax preparation is not just about preparing and filing your returns. We proactively plan for the upcoming year and will advise you on changes in the tax laws and how they will affect you. We understand that managing your personal taxes is a crucial step in reaching your financial goals and we want to support you in accomplishing those goals.


No one wants to be faced with an IRS audit! Having your return prepared by experienced and competent professionals is the most practical step toward avoiding one. Inadvertent or careless mistakes on a return could lead to an audit costing you valuable time and money – even if you wind up not owing additional tax.


Contact our office if you have any questions regarding our tax preparation services. As a client, you will receive annual reminders of tax filing deadlines and a convenient tax organizer to help you assemble your tax documents.


Esquire Group will accurately prepare (based on the information you provide) and, when possible, e-file your tax returns. We will also advise you of tax law changes and help you plan for the upcoming year. And, we will be there to answer your questions year round, not just during tax season.



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