Why Esquire Group?

When you work with Esquire Group, you will be working with experts. Our team has the specialized experience necessary to provide you with secure, dedicated, and truly international service.


Professionals dedicated to international taxation. Our specialized team is made up of experts in international taxation, not catch-all consultants with only superficial international experience.


Licensed CPAs and EAs. We use only licensed CPAs and EAs to prepare your tax returns—just one way we uphold our commitment to providing you with the highest levels of experience and expertise.


In-house employees, not contractors. Our entire staff is made up of in-house employees, not contractors. This translates to higher commitment, greater consistency, and lower turnover.

Commitment to quality. We are dedicated to providing you with only the highest-quality service. You can rest assured that every member of our team will take the time to do the work right.


Offices in multiple time zones. With offices across 3 continents, we have team members working in multiple time zones so that we can be available whenever you need us.


Multilingual staff. Our staff members speak multiple languages, reducing the need for document translation and allowing us to communicate with you more quickly and effectively.


Security. Our secure technological infrastructure is designed to include redundant backups. This means never having to worry that your information will be lost in the case of a system failure.

Technology. We use the most advanced technology for our communications, with a client portal that allows for secure transmission of documents across the globe.


Proven Track Record. With close to 15 years of success under our belts, we have the track record to back up our claims of experience and expertise—so that relying on us makes more sense than ever.


Global capabilities. Unlike most U.S. tax firms, our company was built to work with clients remotely, so we can effectively support you anywhere in the world using our secure client portal and VoiP.

“Jimmy was one of the best, most professional, and knowledgeable speakers we have had in our 12-year history.”

— Nicolaus Susta
President of AGBC Stuttgart

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