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0% Tax | No Information Sharing

No Beneficial Owner Register


Prominent international tax and wealth advisor creates special trust for non-US citizens


How to secure your family’s future with an anonymous trust – Better privacy, security, and flexibility than the Cook Islands  

Dear Curious Reader: 

Most people just don’t understand. They think that life is easy once you become wealthy.

But you know the truth… 

Pressure builds day after day to figure out how to secure your fortune and guide your loved ones to future success. 

But the next step is unclear.

You want to take care of your loved ones and protect what’s yours… but you don’t want to make an embarrassing mistake or get ripped off. It’s overwhelming at times. There are many variables to juggle.

You worry about what will happen to your business and wealth if you die unexpectedly.

All you want is for your heirs to be financially secure and find their own success but fear they might blow through your wealth because of poor decisions, immaturity, and lack of guidance.

How do you pass on your wealth without them suing one another or your estate?

What about taxes?

Every time you turn on the news, people are demanding free this and free that but you’ve already paid more than your fair share to the taxman.

You want to minimize or even eliminate taxes both today and when your wealth passes to the next generation.

You don’t want to draw a lot of attention to yourself – the last thing you need is to be targeted by the government or someone attacking your wealth.

Ideally, you want a solution that offers privacy with minimal to no reporting requirements, no taxes, no sharing of bank and financial accounts between governments, and no beneficial owner registers.  

But what’s “the best” jurisdiction?

What’s “the best” structure?

What’s better… a trust or a foundation?

Who should you trust to help achieve your goals?

Even the professionals you turn to for help look at you with dollar signs in their eyes. Each bill comes with made-up sounding fees. Like piranhas in suits, they attack with their hourly fees. 

You try calling about your bill…. you need a progress report on a certain matter…. you want to discuss a possible change of plans… but you struggle to even get them on the phone.

You use their services but don’t trust them to answer the big questions like:

  Do I need a trust or foundation?

  What is the right jurisdiction?

  How do I maintain privacy?

  How much will my solution cost to set up?

  How much will it cost to maintain?

  How do I protect my wealth and secure my family’s future?

  How do I protect my family from poor decisions and avoidable mistakes?

  Will I still have access to my wealth and maintain my lifestyle?

There’s no shame in being cautious – your life’s work and your legacy are at stake.

But until you take the right action, there will always be that haunting question… what if it all goes away?

Not just the money…

I’m also talking about what the money represents – years of hard work, sacrifice, calculated risk, a unique vision, dedication, dealing with fear, overcoming setbacks and failures, etc…

What if you just make a mistake?

Investments can go south in a hurry.

Every business owner has made a poor decision or two.

How expensive will the next one be?

What if you become severely ill?

What if you hire the wrong professionals?

Your heirs can end up fighting over your wealth… assuming there’s enough of it still around. Your wealth could easily wind up in the wrong hands.

What if you get sued? 

You can lose everything without doing something wrong.

Judges make honest mistakes… some intentionally put their thumb on the scales to get a desired outcome.

Legal systems can be unpredictable. 

A growing number of people absolutely despise the wealthy. Many judges, lawmakers, regulators, and bureaucrats desperately crave the opportunity to redistribute wealth according to their warped view of “justice.”

There are an unlimited number of ways you can lose your wealth.  

Imagine for a moment that the worst happens…

What will happen to your lifestyle?

Are you married? If so, will your spouse stick around? 

What will happen to your family?

How will you live up to all the promises you’ve made to loved ones? 

How will you explain everything to them?

Will they be understanding?

These questions are uncomfortable.

But I’m not paid to be a yes-man and tell people what they want to hear.

I hate BS and presume you do too. Here’s the deal – inaction is understandable but unsustainable

You and your wealth are exposed if you do nothing. Your wealth can be taken from you unjustly while you’re alive. It can pass to your heirs against your wishes. Your family can destroy itself fighting over it. 

But you can’t rush to take action. Choosing the wrong advisors and professionals can also lead to disaster – faulty estate planning, unnecessary taxes, poor investments, weak asset protection, etc.

If you’re not careful, you can even get locked out of your wealth and lose your current lifestyle.

It rarely makes the headlines… but wealthy people lose their fortunes more often than you might think.

A recent study found that 70% of wealthy families lose everything by the second generation…

and a staggering 90% of wealthy families lose everything by the third generation. 

I help my clients beat the odds.

I’ve spent twenty years in the international tax and wealth community helping my clients avoid losing it all. During this time, I’ve helped them protect, invest, grow, and bequeath billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, some seek my guidance after it’s too late. 

Here Are The Two Biggest Mistakes made by wealthy individuals:

1 – They own everything (homes, cars, bank accounts, investments, etc) in their personal name… and…

2 – They wait for something bad to happen and then seek advice.

99.9% of the time, I cannot help someone who has made these mistakes!

You must take action before something bad happens to successfully protect yourself, your family, your loved ones, and your wealth.

Anyone who tells you differently does NOT understand the law. 

It’s time for an honest assessment…

Are you making these two big mistakes?

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Are you currently risking everything you worked so hard to get?

Hope and luck are not real strategies. 

Here’s how I found the single most powerful solution for non-US citizens to protect their wealth.

Someone worth approximately $20 billion challenged me to come up with the ultimate solution to many of the problems you also face.

He wanted:

  Maximum Privacy & Confidentiality (no reporting, information sharing, and no beneficial owner registers)

  Flexible Estate Planning

  Global Tax Efficiency

  Succession Planning

  Uncompromising Asset Protection

  Preservation of Lifestyle

I relied on my decades of experience, conferred with a few trusted colleagues in my network of professionals, and hit the books.

Once I discovered nuanced tax rules, the answer was obvious – capitalize on America’s legal system and status. The advantages of the Aeternum Trust cannot be achieved in any other jurisdiction.

The Aeternum Trust is the single most powerful tax and wealth planning strategy that exists for non-US persons.

Before I explain: 

√  How to achieve anonymity with the Aeternum Trust

√  How it achieves a 0% US tax rate

  How it will help you avoid audits

√  Why the Aeternum Trust is not subject to government information sharing programs

√  How the Aeternum Trust will secure your family’s future

√  How it will stop your family members from attacking each other

√  How it will prevent your wealth from being used against your wishes

√  Why benefits of the Aeternum Trust can only be achieved in America

… we should discuss a few basics about trusts just to ensure that we’re on the same page.

√  Trusts are funded by “settlors” who put their assets like money, real estate, and investments in the trust.

√  The settlor chooses the trust’s beneficiaries – these are the people who will benefit from the trust.

√  The settlor appoints a trustee who is responsible for administering a trust’s assets – that is, making sure the trust’s beneficiaries are taken care of.

Yes, you will be required to surrender legal title to the property that goes into your Aeternum Trust. This decision needs to be permanent or, as we say in the business, “irrevocable.” 

Revocable trusts allow the settlor to revoke the trust.

Sounds tempting, right?

But this is very dangerous!

If you have the power to revoke trust, then its assets are in serious jeopardy.

When a judge forces you to revoke your trust, its assets legally transfer back to you.

Once you become the owner of the assets, a judge can control how they are to be used or distributed. 

You must transfer assets as dictated by a judge or face prison for contempt of court.

Obviously, nobody wants to be faced with this decision. This is why revocable trusts offer little to no asset protection.

But you deserve to protect what you’ve earned and provide for your loved ones.

The Aeternum Trust is “irrevocable” – meaning, the assets are no longer yours. 

I Understand… this sounds scary. There’s no denying that setting up an irrevocable trust is a major decision. 

But you don’t need to worry – I’ll ensure that you have enough influence over the trust’s assets so that you live the lifestyle you desire.

For example, here is a 100% legal strategy you can use to influence your trust.

1 – Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to operate as a “Private Trust Company” (PTC).

2 – Nominate the PTC to serve as the trustee of your trust.

3 – As a settlor, you may nominate the PTC’s manager.

You can influence the assets in your Aeternum Trust through your role as a director of the PTC. If you prefer, you can also nominate a professional trust company as the trustee. 

There are more strategies that will help you maintain influence over your trust’s assets without compromising your trust’s asset protection. They’re 100% legal but far too valuable to explain in great detail here – my competitors haven’t yet caught on.

But my clients know my strategies.

Let’s Review the attributes and outcomes sought by the guy worth about $20 billion so I can begin to share the inner workings of the Aeternum Trust.

Maximum Privacy & Confidentiality

are you on a list?

The US legal system and geopolitical power allow the Aeternum Trust stands out from similar structures in highly touted jurisdictions.

Here’s why…

Trusts are not registered in the US. They’re largely unregulated

The Trust Instrument (also known as a Trust Agreement) is a completely private document.

Your Aeternum Trust will be anonymous.

No one will even know that the trust exists. If the name of trust is somehow discovered, no one will know who is behind it… 

America has no beneficial owner registers.

Many jurisdictions require you to cough-up sensitive information about directors, owners, and beneficiaries when creating an entity.

Beneficial ownership registers are used to track the people associated with entities such as LLCs and corporations.

Some of these lists are public while others are private and known only to a few people in government. 

Public beneficial ownership registers are extremely dangerous. Anyone can look up your assets and target you with frivolous lawsuits and even extortion and kidnapping. Sophisticated scammers and fraudsters search these databases to hunt for victims. 

Private beneficial ownership registers still have the risk of hackers, data breaches, and corrupt government bureaucrats. There’s always the possibility of the government formally deciding to change its private beneficial ownership list to a public one.

Have you heard of the Panama Papers? 

Over 99% of the named people and institutions did nothing wrong. But many got caught up in the leak because of beneficial owner registers. Many now struggle with banking, financial institutions, and insurance companies… guilty by association.

Look, it’s possible that the next data breach involves US institutions. However, the lack of public or private beneficial ownership registers does reduce the odds.

I believe that everyone has the right to privacy.

Wyoming and Delaware, for example, do not have public or private beneficial ownership registers. None exist at the federal level.

Your Aeternum Trust will be anonymous and the identity of its beneficiaries can remain private…

… and the US government has no legal responsibility to change that fact.

The EU and the OECD bullied countries (including many so-called “tax-havens”) into various information sharing programs like the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). 

Essentially, if you set up a bank account or an entity in one country, it will report your activities to your home country. The entity’s financial activities will get reported as well.

This makes it difficult to maintain privacy – even in places like the Caymans, Bahamas, Bermuda, BVI, and Switzerland.

Once upon a time, these places were quite useful. But things change. These jurisdictions were bullied into participating in CRS – they’ll be sharing your sensitive financial information with governments around the world. 

But the US does NOT participate in CRS. 

America has stood firm against the EU and OECD when other jurisdictions caved. 

The Aeternum Trust capitalizes on America’s legal system and its unique economic and political might. 

The US government won’t know:

√  That your trust exists

√  The identity of beneficiaries (even if the trust is somehow discovered)

√  Your trust’s banking and financial providers and activities

The Aeternum Trust offers a “double protection” that is exclusive to America. 

The US government does not participate in information sharing programs. Plus, it does not have the key information that other governments desire to know. 

The privacy and security offered by the Aeternum Trust provides anonymity from government agents who tend to snoop around looking to harass people with audits or raise revenue with unlawful tax demands.

Anonymity will increase your personal protection. Forfeiting personal ownership of assets reduces your visibility to criminals looking to harm you and your family. 

It can also reduce your costs by negotiating through a representative of your trust. You’ll achieve a stronger negotiating position – counterparties will be unable to discover your identity, find your net worth, and ask for a higher price.

Global Tax Efficiency

… you can’t beat a 0% US tax rate and no US tax return filing requirement.

Your trust’s assets are immune from all forms of taxation such as wealth tax, income tax, capital gains tax, and estate tax. 

Do you remember those nuanced tax rules that inspired me to create the Aeternum Trust?

Well… they are what make the Aeternum Trust so powerful.

Ordinarily, US trusts are subject to tax on their worldwide income.

Your trust’s instrument will take advantage of the nuanced rules. 

 The US government will consider your Aeternum Trust to be “foreign” for tax purposes. 

Your trust will have a 0% US tax rate.

Yes, this is 100% legal.

In fact, your Aeternum Trust won’t even be required to file a US tax return. This significantly reduces the yearly cost of maintaining your trust. It also helps you maintain privacy.

The Aeternum Trust is the most tax efficient way to pass wealth through multiple generations. Upon death, assets held in your personal name may trigger estate taxes. But a trust cannot die. Estate taxes and wealth taxes, for example, will not apply to the assets inside your Aeternum Trust.

Your personal tax situation is likely to improve when moving assets out of your personal name.

What will be your ROI once you’re no longer taxed every time you sell an investment at a profit?

But it’s not just about the money. What about your lifestyle?

Have taxes ever prevented you from living somewhere or buying a home? 

The Aeternum Trust will likely expand the residency options for you and your family.

Many countries have wealth taxes, income taxes, and various taxes on the transfer of assets to others. Some even tax the value of assets moved into a trust. These taxes can make it unacceptably expensive to live in many desirable locations.

By placing your wealth in an Aeternum Trust, you and your family can move to the jurisdiction of your dreams with more acceptable tax consequences. If you become a tax resident of a country, you’ll generally only be taxed on the receipt of distributions from the trust.

For some, it’s possible to eliminate negative tax consequences all together.

Follow my advice and your trust will remain tax-free.

The tax benefits alone make the Aeternum Trust a worthwhile investment.

Flexible Estate Planning

… are wills enough?

Estate planning is a common term but it’s an insufficient concept and approach towards wealth.

I help my clients with “Wealth Structuring” – a thorough plan to ensure that your wealth is used and distributed according to your wishes.

First and foremost, Wealth Structuring is about wealth preservation and survival.

Don’t lose your seat at the table. Stay in the game.

Once we secure your wealth and ensure it will pass according to your wishes, we can then focus on things like wealth growth and leisure… for yourself and for generations to come.

Here’s an example…

Owning assets in your personal name can cause significant Wealth Structuring problems.

Suppose you live in Country X and own assets in Countries Y and Z.

How will your assets pass to your heirs?

Many governments will claim the authority to dictate how assets are transferred simply because of their location. Each country has their own laws. Countries X, Y, and Z will likely have conflicting laws governing your estate.

This creates the opportunity for heirs to challenge even the most skillfully drafted wills. There can be lengthy delays in settling the estate. It could be years before your heirs to go through a lengthy and costly probate process and your heirs actually receive the wealth you left for them.

What will happen to your family during the legal battle?

Your trust will override any local claims because you will not personally own your assets – a country’s estate laws simply will not apply.

After protecting your assets from these types of threats, Wealth Structuring then protects heirs from themselves. 

Your trust will contain specific instructions and rules governing the use of your wealth. This will help protect your heirs from making bad decisions and squandering your wealth. 

It’s even possible to disinherit someone for challenging the trust. Together, we’ll create a plan to avoid becoming one of the 90% families that loses all of their wealth in just two generations.

The Aeternum Trust can include a detailed and thorough plan for the transfer of control and management of your wealth – either to your heirs or to professionals.

Many of my clients elect to have their wealth centrally managed by a trustee or a professional board of directors. Others choose to put their family in control. Some opt for a mix of professionals and family.

Your trust will describe “who gets what” under a variety of circumstances and events. 

You get to decide if there are any strings attached… such as academic achievements, performance in the family business, getting married, or reaching a certain age, etc.

Should you desire, your heirs and your team of professionals will be assigned specific duties and responsibilities.

Depending on your needs and desires, we can tap your deep understanding of each heir’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses to set them up for success. 

Wealth Structuring leverages your business experience and personal relationships. Guide your heirs and future generations to even greater wealth and personal achievements. 

Succession Planning

… manage the future.

Succession planning is about control and management.

A succession plan within your trust’s structure will answer critical questions like:

√  Who will be involved with your PTC?

√  What is the process for determining everyone’s role within PTC?

√  How will the PTC handle nominations?

Think of a succession plan like a playbook that will help manage and control the trust’s assets and your business in the future. 

Uncompromising Asset Protection

… you are a target whether or not you realize it. 

The US, and states like Wyoming and Delaware in particular, have tremendously strong asset protection laws that are second to none.

In The News

Don’t let Hollywood form your ideas about what countries might be involved in your plan. I’ve seen stuff in movies that is out of date by three decades. There are some well-known jurisdictions when it comes to this kind of stuff. Maybe they are right for you; maybe not. 

Find a service provider who understands the importance of your unique situation and desires, and your heirs will expand on your legacy.

Jimmy Sexton, LLM
Founder & CEO of Esquire Group
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We chose the Esquire Group because of their experience and knowledge. They have set themselves apart from other firms and have exceeded our expectations

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Many freedom minded individuals have already begun exploring their options.

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You don’t need to be doing anything illegal or immoral to benefit from privacy.

Instead, the default position should be privacy. Only under strict circumstances, with clear and abundant evidence of wrongdoing, should privacy be revoked. I believe that current and potential business owners who are against privacy might want to reconsider their position.

Jimmy Sexton, LLM
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Esquire Group has been an outstanding tax return preparer over the better part of the last decade for us. We have complex international and domestic transactions that Esquire Group has handled very well. We provide all of our information, answer any questions, and have the confidence that our tax returns are tax authority compliant manner.

Esquire Group came to our attention through a trusted advisor, and we are thrilled to be a satisfied client after all these years.  We look forward to many more years so we can remain compliant with the ever-changing reporting requirements.

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Always thorough, James and his staff save me countless dollars that others have overlooked. These guys are legit!

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I just want to thank Esquire services for a very professional job in handling my taxes. I hadn't filed taxes in the States for 17 years. So my backed taxes were a huge mess.

Esquire was extremely helpful and very patient in helping sort out this problem. I also compared their prices and services with other firms and found that Esquire was the best. I had a very pleasant experience with Esquire.

Esquire Group Client

It’s a sad truth that the people you know often present the biggest risks to your wealth.

Current and/or ex-spouses are always a concern – divorces are so common these days. The spouses of your heirs can also be expensive problems.

Child support payments have ballooned to the size of lottery jackpots.

It will be very difficult if not impossible for your spouses, ex-spouses, children, and heirs to launch a successful attack against the trust.

Your trust’s assets will also be protected from claims against heirs… including strangers, business partners, friends, and their own spouses (ex-spouses… lovers… mistakes).

Lawsuits will be less likely to ever occur.

Lawyers want big and easy paydays. They hunt for low-hanging fruit. Your wealth will be invisible to most lawyers and extremely difficult to successfully attack for rest. 

Even governments will have a hard time gaining control of assets inside an Aeternum Trust.

Preservation of Lifestyle

The Aeternum Trust allows you to directly control the distribution of the trust’s assets for your loved ones while also securing your ability to make use of them as well.

You’ll be able to not only maintain but improve your lifestyle (more residency options, 0% tax, privacy, etc). You certainly won’t feel like a child begging for an allowance.

Affect the use and distribution of your trust’s assets by carefully selecting the trustee – which may be a professional trust company or a private trust company (PTC). 

The PTC’s board may include:

√  Yourself

√  Family Member(s)

√  Trusted Advisor(s)

√  Professional Trustee(s)

You may also select a combination of the four – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

If you’d like, your trust may have a “protector” for extra security. The protector has the power to hire and fire the trustee to ensure that the beneficiaries receive the appropriate benefits from the trust.

Nominate someone you trust as the protector to monitor the trustee’s decisions. Your protector will have the power to remove and replace a trustee to ensure your influence and wishes last for generations.

Other Benefits

We’ve covered the unique benefits offered by the Aeternum Trust:

√  0% US tax rate

√  No tax return required

√  Anonymity

√  No beneficial owner register

√  No CRS

√  No government financial information sharing

But America also makes things easy:

√  Access to talented professionals

√  English is the native language

√  Reliable legal system

√  Stable regulatory environment

√  Fast setup

√  Easy banking & financial transactions

LLCs can be formed in just one day.

Banking and financial transactions are easy with US-based accounts and entities.

Sending money to and from a jurisdiction like the Caymans is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to those EU and OECD regulations we just discussed. 

Banks, insurance companies, and other businesses fear the penalties of violating laws and regulations. These institutions also fear to be associated with criminals. Certain jurisdictions have gained a reputation for attracting drug dealers, money launderers, and other criminals. 

International law and plain-old business interests force the international business community to over-scrutinize all transactions involving certain jurisdictions.

America is whitelisted while other popular “tax haven” jurisdictions appear on official blacklists. Most other desirable jurisdictions appear on “shadow” blacklists created by banks, financial institutions, insurance providers, etc.

But nobody questions transactions involving a US entity or US financial account. The Aeternum Trust allows you to make fast investment and financial decisions.

Finally, administrative fees are exceptionally low.

Remember, the Aeternum Trust does not require a tax return. Registered agent fees for a PTC are very affordable in the US.

I have many clients with trusts and similar structures in popular jurisdictions. The administrative and compliance costs are prohibitive for most – some cost a minimum of $300,000 per year.

Burdensome laws and regulations force my clients to hire attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, and compliance officers to constantly monitor their structure’s operations. This diverts time and energy away from more important things like researching investments and business deals or simply enjoying life.


… I can discuss the technical aspects of the Aeternum Trust all day… it’s fascinating to me. But I created the Aeternum Trust to help people achieve their goals and improve their lives.

You can begin experiencing the benefits of an Aeternum Trust in less time than you might think. Both trusts and PTCs can be formed in less than 24 hours.

Obviously, we would need to do some planning and strategizing before taking action – this will take some time.

But the heavy lifting is already done.

You’ve earned enough wealth to become vulnerable. You’ve wisely taken the initiative to begin protecting and guiding its use.  

I tapped by decades of experience and professional network to discover this powerful solution. I’ve done the research and know the Aeternum Trust top-to-bottom so I can adapt it to suit particular needs.

“Sure, it sounds great! But… life happens. Things change. I don’t want to regret setting up a trust. I don’t want to feel stuck at some point down the road.”

I love getting this common response after advising someone to put their assets in a trust.

It shows caution. 

Only analytical minds try to figure out how it can all go to hell.

Here’s the truth – you SHOULD be extremely cautious about setting up a trust.

There are countless advisors advertising trusts – they all kind of seem the same. Everyone promises strong security and asset protection.

But what happens when circumstances change?

Well… you and your loved ones could be in a tough spot!

It takes a lot of skill to design a trust with strategic flexibility that allows for changes to be made without compromising asset protection.

Designing flexibility into a trust is an artform.

I’ve spent two decades advising on trust agreements and similar legal documents.  

Under my supervision, my team will artfully and strategically incorporate “escape hatches” into your trust’s governing documents.

These “escape hatches” allow for flexibility without compromising privacy, security, and asset protection.

If a trust is too rigid, there’s a risk of not fully capitalizing on your wealth. If a trust is too flexible, it doesn’t provide adequate protection.

The Aeternum Trust strikes a balance between flexibility and security.

You’ll Have The Power To:

√  Name beneficiaries

√  Influence the distribution of your trust’s assets

√  Name the trustee

√  Appoint a protector if desired

√  Relocate the trust if needed

You’ll have the flexibility to make changes as needed without compromising the security and peace of mind you deserve.

In fact, some of the flexibility I’ve designed into the Aeternum Trust actually increases the security and asset protection you will receive… (sorry, only clients get to learn how it’s done and why).

The Aeternum Trust Includes:

√  A trust agreement drafted by my team under my supervision with the same features and protections I would write for a billionaire

√  If desired, an LLC to act as a Private Trust Company with an operating agreement

√  A best practices guide detailing how the Aeternum Trust functions and how to maximize its benefits

The Aeternum Trust also includes a one-on-one consultation with me

There are many details we need to discuss.

First, I need to make sure that the Aeternum Trust is right for you.

Generally speaking, the Aeternum Trust is better for people from common law countries – the Aeternum Foundation is better for people from civil law countries. 

We’ll make sure that you’ll benefit from working together – I’m not interested in selling you something that’s not right for you.

Second, we need to talk one-on-one because there are many details we need to discuss to maximize your results

Full Disclosure…

…the Aeternum Trust is not cheap.

I created the Aeternum Trust based on my extensive experience in the international tax and wealth community. Over the last two decades, I’ve read and reviewed countless documents for countless clients.

The price of the Aeternum Trust reflects my expertise and my personal involvement in the formation process.

As of today, I’ve yet to hear of a similar product being offered by another advisor. But they will follow.

That’s OK.

I’m confident the Aeternum Trust will outperform the knock-offs.

By definition, imitators are not innovators.

I’ve successfully lobbied governments for my clients.

As they say, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve seen a thing or two.

You’ve only read about the base-level and the bare minimum benefits. I cannot start listing all the benefits for a citizen of every country.

But there are even more ways to benefit from the Aeternum Trust.

We need to speak one-on-one so I can use my expertise to ask some pointed questions and maximize the benefits you will receive.

The Aeternum Trust will be exclusive to individuals that want my personal guidance. Given that I am only one man…

… I have limited capacity. 

I cannot guarantee my availability for everyone.

I cannot even guarantee my availability for everyone willing to pay.

First, I’m not interested in dealing with criminals or someone with criminal intentions. I’ve gotten pretty good and sniffing out unsavory characters. So, don’t waste my time.

Second, you must be willing to follow my advice.

Ignoring my advice will make the benefits of your Aeternum Trust disappear. “Doing your own thing” will result in a massive tax bill… possibly criminal charges.

“I’ll do what I want and leave Jimmy to clean up the mess.”  


I won’t.

I don’t like putting out fires and some are too big to extinguish.

Plus, I hate watching people ruin my work

You must follow my specific instructions to legally receive all the benefits of the Aeternum Trust.

Sound Fair?

If so, click the button below to secure your consultation with me.

It’s the first step in avoiding the two biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make over and over. 

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Already Have A Trust, Foundation, or Asset Protection Plan?

That’s OK.

I can help you transfer everything to an Aeternum Trust. 

Aeternum Trust Recap

√  0% US tax rate

√  No tax return required

√  No information sharing including bank and financial accounts

√  Flexible Estate Planning

√  Uncompromising asset protection

√  Allows for future changes

√  Documents reviewed by prominent industry veteran

√  Fast setup

√  Low yearly maintenance costs

√  Easy banking

√  Fast international financial transactions

√  Reduce government snooping and tracking of your financial affairs

√  Higher ROI on investments with tax-free growth

But that’s just the Xs and Os

Here’s how the Aeternum Trust will improve your day-to-day life:

√  Relax knowing you’ve done everything possible for your heirs

√  Enjoy your wealth and live without compromise

√  Reclaim more of your time

√  End the stress caused by worry and vulnerability 


Question: What’s better… a trust or foundation?

√  Answer: This is the most common question I receive.

Unfortunately, the best answer is not very satisfying… it depends.

Generally, people resident in civil law countries benefit most from foundations because many civil law jurisdictions do not recognize trusts. 

Common law legal systems recognize trusts – that’s why people from common law jurisdictions tend to benefit most from trusts.

Admittedly, this is an oversimplification – there are many other factors that determine which structure is best for you.

Let’s speak one-on-one to ensure that you select the solution that best suits your needs. 

Question: What if I already have a trust, foundation, or asset protection plan?

√  Answer: It’s usually possible to redomicile foreign entities to the US. 

In most circumstances, I can help you move everything to an Aeternum Trust or Aeternum Foundation in a tax neutral fashion. We’ll work to minimize taxes if they are unavoidable.

Question: What happens if another jurisdiction becomes more desirable?

√  Answer: The Aeternum Trust is designed to be flexible. 

You’ll have the ability to redomicile your structure in another jurisdiction if needed. 

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Jimmy Sexton, LLM – Founder & CEO of Esquire Group


I’ve been involved with some really interesting projects over the last twenty years including successfully lobbying a government to change the law for the benefit of my client. 

But the Aeternum Trust might be my crowning achievement. 

It is the ultimate wealth protection strategy for non-US persons. No other trust can offer 0% taxes, anonymity, and no financial reporting.

Currently, the Aeternum Trust includes a consultation with me. 

But I’m working with other advisors in my professional network to reduce my workload. Eventually, I would like for them to handle all new Aeternum Trust clients. 

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