How To Receive Money From a Trust: Three Less-Traditional Strategies

Funding a trust or foundation can be scary. A primary concern often being, “how do I get money out so I can live as I desire?” It’s an understandable question and a critically important matter to get right.  A trust or foundation must be properly structured to achieve the asset protection and tax benefits you […]

Who Will Control My (Private) Trust After I Die?

A common concern for those looking to set up a trust or foundation is who will control it after their death. Poor planning can lead to trust or foundation assets being managed or distributed against the settler’s wishes. Thankfully, there’s a lot of flexibility in planning who will control your trust or foundation after your […]

Who can benefit from my trust?

Many people rightfully wonder who may be a beneficiary of a trust? Fortunately, the answer is relatively straight forward. In most jurisdictions, virtually anyone can be a beneficiary (family, friends, charities, corporations). Pets and animals may even be beneficiaries in some jurisdictions. Additionally, most jurisdictions allow you to add and remove beneficiaries over time (assuming […]