Who Will Control My (Private) Trust After I Die?

A common concern for those looking to set up a trust or foundation is who will control it after their death. Poor planning can lead to trust or foundation assets being managed or distributed against the settler’s wishes. Thankfully, there’s a lot of flexibility in planning who will control your trust or foundation after your […]

Who can benefit from my trust?

Many people rightfully wonder who may be a beneficiary of a trust? Fortunately, the answer is relatively straight forward. In most jurisdictions, virtually anyone can be a beneficiary (family, friends, charities, corporations). Pets and animals may even be beneficiaries in some jurisdictions. Additionally, most jurisdictions allow you to add and remove beneficiaries over time (assuming […]

The Days of Operating Substanceless “Shell Companies” is Over

It amazes me how often people contact me with the same magnificent tax planning strategy. They want to setup a company in a no- or low-tax jurisdiction and route revenue to it while actually operating it from wherever they live.

Sometimes the Best Advice is to do Nothing

You know what sucks? Getting advice from your advisors that is in their best interest rather than yours. Unfortunately, it happens far too often.

Foreign Trusts: Double (Triple) Tax Devils

You know what sucks worse than tax? Double tax! Or worse, triple tax! And I can’t think of another “entity” that poses more taxation risk for U.S. persons than foreign trusts (including foreign foundations).