Aeternum Trust

The Aeternum Trust is an irrevocable trust designed to optimize asset protection, privacy, and tax efficiency. It takes advantage of the modern Trust and Foundation laws in the UAE to provide a secure and advantageous wealth protection environment for citizens of any country.

Key Benefits:

  • Tax Efficiency: Can achieve a 0% tax rate no tax filing requirements.
  • Confidentiality: Provides an exceptionally high level of anonymity with no public beneficial owner registers or financial information sharing.
  • Asset Protection: Offers strong protection against creditors, lawsuits, and judgments through its irrevocable trust structure.
  • Estate Planning: Facilitates efficient wealth transfer and management across generations without exposure to estate or inheritance taxes.
  • Legal Structure: Capitalizes on the stability and confidentiality of the UAE legal system, making it superior to most other jurisdictions.

Why Consider the Aeternum Trust: The Aeternum Trust offers several critical benefits that might not be available locally for individuals and families in their own country of residence. Especially in regions with unstable economic or legal systems or certain European countries like Switzerland, Germany and France which have too stringent financial reporting requirements and excessive financial oversight.

Elements of the Aeternum Trust:

Robust UAE Jurisdiction

  • The UAE stands out for strong legal protections and high confidentiality, significantly shielding assets from external claims and enhancing privacy.
  • Offers substantial tax efficiencies, reducing or eliminating tax exposure for residents and non-residents, thus optimizing financial returns for trust settlors.
  • In the last decade, the UAE has risen to be one of the safest jurisdictions for wealth protection, no matter your country of origin.

Irrevocable Trust Structure

  • Assets placed in the Aeternum trust are shielded from individual claims, safeguarding the wealth against potential creditors and reducing estate tax liabilities.
  • The permanent transfer of assets into the trust, ensures effective long-term asset protection and tax planning.
  • Once established, the terms cannot be modified without the consent of all named beneficiaries, enhancing legal certainty and commitment.

Settlor and Trustee Roles

  • The settlor (you) transfers assets into the trust, establishing a controlled environment for asset management. Then you appoint Trustees to manage the trust's assets according to your specifications and legal requirements.
  • Choosing a reliable and experienced trustee who understands the legal landscape of the trust's jurisdiction is crucial. Esquire Group can provide guidance on that, and will facilitate the formation of a Private Trust Companies (PTC) which will allow you to maintain influence over trust assets, blending control with protection.

Strict Beneficiary Terms

  • Clearly defined beneficiary terms ensure that benefits are distributed according to your intentions, safeguarding the purpose and integrity of the trust, and protecting the interests of beneficiaries, providing them security and benefits as intended.

Succession Planning

The trust is managed perpetually by your nominated trustee, whose job is to carry out your wishes. The option to replace trustees over time, also exists if needed. You can define the conditions or circumstances under which your trustee may be replaced.

Protector or Guardian

Optional but recommended appointment of a protector or guardian to enhance oversight and enforce the trust’s terms. This provides a second layer of security ensuring the trustee's actions align with the settlor's wishes and the trust’s purpose.

Assets Management

  • Trust assets are managed within a controlled and secure environment, maximizing protection against external threats.
  • Management strategies are tailored to preserve asset value and ensure growth, adhering to the trust's objectives.

Comprehensive Trust Deed

  • The trust deed provides a comprehensive framework for all trust operations, detailing the roles, responsibilities, and rights of all parties involved.
  • This ensures all legal standards are met, and trust operations are transparent to all stakeholders while maintaining confidentiality.

Succession Planning

  • Facilitates a seamless transition of assets, bypassing the complexities and delays of probate.
  • Ensures that assets are distributed according to the trust's stipulations, providing clarity and continuity for future generations.

Privacy and Confidentiality

There is no requirement for public registration of the trust details, maintaining a high level of privacy. This protects the identities of the settlor and beneficiaries, ensuring that personal and financial information remains confidential.

Foundations and Trusts

Setup and Management

Trust Formation: Fast, efficient and thorough formation process supported by comprehensive legal guidance. Setup is usually completed within 30 days. 

Asset Transfer: Once the trust is setup you can start to transfer assets into your Trust. This Is usually done with the assistance with your lawyer or tax advisor. 

Management: Can be managed by a professional or private trust company (for even greater privacy), with beneficiary distributions following your precise specifications. 

Maintenance: Regular reviews ensure ongoing compliance and adaptation to changing needs.

Setup and Running Costs

Task Involved

Who Does It


One time Setup

Esquire Group


Legal Asset Transfer+

You and your lawyer

depends on assets

Annual Oversight* (optional)

Trustees you appoint


Annual Review (optional)

Esquire Group


+ Asset transfer costs and related taxes can vary according to your home jurisdiction. 

* Estimated costs for professional management company to manage the trust for you.