Trusts and Foundations Setup

Trusts and foundations are invaluable tools in the wealth protection arsenal.

While there are important differences between trusts and foundations, especially regarding privacy, the basic idea is the same: You transfer your assets to a trust or foundation to hold and manage them for the benefit of all of the beneficiaries (which could include you). Transferring assets out of your personal name into a managed structure puts your assets out of reach and mostly hides their ownership from public view, protecting them from external threats, disputes and legal challenges.

Trusts and Foundations Playlist

Key Benefits of Trusts and Foundations:

Asset Protection

Securing your wealth by transferring assets to a trust or foundation makes them unreachable to external threats and personal disputes. Even your heirs can’t access the assets. They are preserved in the structure, which is managed, so the assets can continue to provide benefits indefinitely.

Estate Planning

Bypasses the lengthy and costly probate process on your death, eliminating disputes, and ensures your heirs benefit directly from your legacy without legal hurdles, and thereafter, in the precise manner you specified.

Succession Planning

Clearly defines who manages and controls your assets during and after your lifetime, ensuring smooth and continuous stewardship.

Privacy Assurance

Not holding assets in your name and having greater confidentiality over asset ownership, enhances your privacy and anonymity, and reduces the risk of challenges. Trusts offer greater privacy, than foundations.

Tax Efficiency

Trusts and foundations utilize structures that minimize exposure to income, estate, inheritance, and wealth taxes, in favorable jurisdictions.

Why use the UAE?

Regardless your citizenship you want your Trust or Foundation to be established in a jurisdiction that respects the rule of law, and provides immunity from forced heirship rules. The UAE is internationally recognized for having some of the most modern Trust and Foundations laws in the world. Rest assured that off-the-shelf structures such as the Aeternum Trust or Aeternum  Foundation, provide the world-class asset protection, estate planning, tax efficiency and privacy you need.

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Complex Multinational Estates

For individuals and families with very complex multinational interests, a privately managed dynasty trust or multi-generational trust may be preferred to assure the utmost privacy. The ultra-wealthy, often have more sophisticated requirements including provisions for philanthropy, stipulations about the composition of trustees, and other concerns most of us never think about. 

Such requirements can be precisely catered for, with solutions tailored for different legal systems and the jurisdictions best fitting their lifestyle and financial interests, ensuring their wealth legacy is as secure and private as possible. 

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