Are You Getting Screwed by Off-The-Shelf Tax Software Without Even Using It?


At Esquire Group, we’re not big fans of off the shelf tax software.

Not because we view it as competition. If you’re using the popular tax programs to do your own international tax returns… well, you’re probably not a prospective client.

We don’t like tax software because it distorts people’s understanding of what tax professionals actually do.

Anybody can answer a bunch of yes/no and true/false questions and get a computer program to spit out a number that you need to pay for the IRS.

But that’s only figuring out your tax liability based on what has already happened.

Tax professionals don’t just sit at computers answering basic questions on your behalf. We help organize your affairs today so that your tax liability in the future will be reduced.

We can organize your business to save on taxes.

We can help you plan for retirement and help you transfer assets to your heirs in a tax efficient manner.

… and much much more.

If you think you can do this on your own with some app you downloaded, then we wish you good luck.

If you’re ready to let our tax consultants handle your tax needs, then schedule a Tax Evaluation – it’s the first step in becoming a client.

Speak with an international consultant. Ask Questions. Get answers and an estimate for your return.

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