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Bad Advice Has Dire Consequences When Foreigners Invest in U.S. Real Estate

A buddy of mine contacted me in a panic the other day. The top tier law firm he and his wife had engaged to assist with a large U.S. real estate acquisition dropped them in the middle of the transaction! WTF? Oh, as it turns out, they also failed to properly advise them on the […]

Top 7 Reasons You Should Setup a Dynasty Trust?

What is a dynasty trust?  A dynasty trust is special type of multi-generational trust designed to allow generation after generation to enjoy the benefits of the assets placed in the trust without incurring transfer taxes, such as gift and estate taxes. For U.S. based clients, it even avoids generation-skipping transfer taxes. And, if properly designed, […]

Should I Renounce U.S. Citizenship?

Should I renounce U.S. citizenship (expatriate)? This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is: it depends. People expatriate for a multitude of reasons. Some expatriate because they are obtaining citizenship from a country that doesn’t allow dual citizenship. Some renounce U.S. citizenship for tax reasons. Others for political or philosophical reasons. […]

Can I Put My Money In Foreign Trusts?

It’s a question I get asked nearly every day. The answer depends on your relationship with America. If you are a US citizen, green card holder, or resident alien… the answer is NO. Foreign trusts, foundations, and companies will generally NOT provide significant (if any) tax savings. US taxes do NOT work like you see […]

How To Reduce Your Expatriation Exit Tax

Merely contemplating the decision to expatriate can be daunting. Understanding how to reduce (or potentially eliminate) your expatriation exit tax could be the deciding factor in whether or not you remain a US citizen or long-term resident. The permanent nature of the decision to expatriate or renounce US citizenship means it cannot be taken lightly.  […]

Why Should I Set Up a Trust or Foundation?

They say death and taxes are the only certainties in life. But under the right circumstances, a custom trust or foundation can negate one. It’s unsettling but planning for your own death won’t make it come any quicker. In my experience, most clients actually feel great relief after their trust or foundation is formed and […]