Government Mind Games


Here is a non-controversial statement: people don’t like being told what to do.

Ask the IRS and they’ll tell you that paying taxes is “voluntary.” But they’ll lock you in a cage if you decline to pay Uncle Sam.

That’s perverse.

Under no other circumstances would it be claimed that you’re acting voluntarily if the price for noncompliance is imprisonment.

The genuine nature of taxation has a tendency to mess with people’s reasoning.

If you decide to pick up a hobby or treat yourself to a vacation, the decision is entirely yours. It is completely voluntary. People happily pay for high ticket items to bring about the improvements they elected to seek.

But taxes operate quite differently.

Most likely, they’re your single greatest expense. You do not get to choose whether or not to pay – or how much.

Most people feel like they’re getting ripped off… and rightfully so.

This creates a desire to get out as cheaply as possible. It’s only natural that people react by skimping on their tax preparer.

Truth is, going cheap is actually like rubbing salt in a wound.

The cheapest tax preparers make their money on volume. They complete your return as quickly as possible – and the IRS holds YOU responsible for any errors. The cheapest tax preparers are not interested in accuracy or your customer experience. They do the bare minimum once they have your cash.

But we understand the position you are in. Our goal is to make paying your taxes as painless as possible.

We dig deep in our clients’ finances. Frequently, we discover more advantageous ways of treating things that aren’t obvious at first glance – the cheap preparers don’t have the time to take a deep dive like us.

We’re ready to help when you decide that paying taxes doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

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