What is the Concierge Tax Service?


Concierge Tax Service is Esquire Group’s signature tax offering.

We’ve brought the white-glove service to US international tax preparation.

Above all else, the Concierge Tax Service is designed to take the stress and hassle out of meeting your tax obligations.

Is Concierge Tax Service Right for Me?

  • US residents with foreign income and/or assets
  • Americans abroad
  • Non-residents with US income and/or assets
  • Foreign entities with US income and/or assets
  • US entities with foreign income and/or assets

What’s The Benefits for Me?

Concierge Tax Service delivers the ultimate quality and convenience.

We file accurate and timely tax returns along with all necessary financial reporting requirements.

Our preparers are:

  • Licensed
  • Full-time employees (not seasonal workers or independent contractors)
  • Limited to having just 100 clients per year

Esquire Group is organized to give our preparers the time and freedom to dive deep into each of their clients’ returns to explore all options and ensure that taxes have been minimized.

Stick with Esquire Group and you’ll have the same preparer year-after-year.


Our service some additional perks.

Tax Reminders

You’ll receive reminders for all important tax and reporting deadlines.

Tax Season Kick-off Call

  • Strategize with your preparer at the beginning of the year and be prepared for what’s to come.
  • Discuss any changes to your personal situation that might impact your taxes.

Year-End Tax Planning

  • Review the prior year to verify accuracy of what’s already happened.
  • Plan for the next year.

Tax Compliance Monitoring

Your preparer will be included with all correspondence from the IRS to ensure that you remain in good standing.

Digital Archive

Year-round access to your tax documents through our secure web-based client portal.

Getting Started

Becoming a Concierge Tax Service client begins with a Tax Evaluation – a one-on-one consultation with one of our international tax consultants.

Your consultant will ask you targeted questions to get a handle on your specific tax needs.

After the call, you’ll receive our written recommendations with easy to understand explanations. You’ll also receive an estimate for the price of your return.

Decide to go elsewhere and we’ll recommend a trustworthy tax preparer.

Stick with us and the price of the Tax Evaluation will be credited towards the price of your tax return.

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