Why the IRS Wants You To Screw Up


The IRS makes many public attempts to put its best foot forward. 

It has a “Taxpayer Advocate Service” with the claimed mission of helping taxpayers who are in financial distress because of their tax obligations. Good luck getting someone on the phone over there let alone actually getting your problem solved. 

Call any phone number to the IRS and during your 60+ minute wait you’ll hear a recorded message of them claiming to be busy helping other “customers.”

Of course, unilaterally deciding you no longer want to be a “customer” can lead to imprisonment.

But behind closed doors, the people at the IRS really hope you screw up on your taxes – especially if yours has an international component. 


So they can throw the book at you and parade you around as an example of how they’re cracking down on “tax cheats” and offshore activities. They want to punish you as severely as possible to scare other people into compliance or even refusing to take their assets international. 

Suppose you don’t have the cash on hand to pay right away?

The IRS is more than happy to charge you a high interest rate. All they care about is pumping up the number that will be in the headlines.

You don’t need to be a victim of the IRS or shoddy work by cut-rate tax preparers.

We monitor the status of our clients’ standing with the IRS and review prior returns for mistakes. 

But you don’t need to become a client to learn your tax filing obligations. Schedule a Tax Evaluation and speak with one of our international tax consultants.

A Tax Evaluation includes:

  • Written recommendations about your tax filing obligations
  • Accurate estimate for the price of your return

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