Jimmy Sexton LL.M.


Jimmy Sexton, LL.M., is the Founder and CEO of Esquire Group – a boutique International Tax & Wealth Advisory firm catering to clients throughout the world.

As a successful founder and business owner, he’s proud of never having cashed a paycheck instead going into business right out of school.

Unlike most advisors, Jimmy can actually relate to his clients – as many of them are also business owners and founders. He’s toiled through the struggles of entrepreneurship and found success. Clients appreciate his ability to quickly analyze complicated tax and business matters and deliver practical, real-world results without snobbery and pretentiousness.

Life’s too short to work with people you don’t enjoy is his motto. Jimmy carefully selects his clients and projects exclusively working with people that share values and interests – his litmus test for new clients is whether or not he‘d enjoy sharing a meal with them.

His expertise and candor have attracted like-minded UHWNIs and Family Offices the world over seeking bespoke Wealth Structures, International Business Structures, and Investment Funds who’ve grown tired of apathetic advisors. Governments have sought his advice in designing their legal systems and drafting legislation. He even successfully lobbied the Maltese government to change their law for the benefit of his client.

From his base in Dubai, he regularly travels throughout the Middle East, Europe, and the America’s meeting with clients, speaking at events, and overseeing Esquire Group’s global operations. He’s spoken before organizations such as the U.N., the American Chamber of Commerce, and eBay. Jimmy has been a featured speaker and panelist at industry events like TaxLinked and the International Business Structuring Association and been quoted and published by media outlets like Forbes, CNN, the Washington Post, and Bloomberg. He is also the Chairman of the International Business Structuring Association’s Middle East Chapter. 

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance, a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) postgraduate degree in International Taxation.

Areas of Special Competence

International Tax Planning

Citizenship & Residency Planning

Family Offices

Wealth Planning


Multi-Jurisdictional Structures

Asset Protection

Cross-Border M&A

Investment Funds

Succession Planning

Cross-Border Transactions

International Banking

Estate Planning

U.S. Inbound / Outbound Transactions


Family Governance

Corporate Governance

Trusts & Foundations

Professional achievements

  • Consulted with the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE on the drafting and implementation of their Foundation law – 2019.
  • Initiate the amendment of Malta’s Family Trust law to allow for charitable distributions from family trusts – 2019 (in process).
  • Consulted with the Government of Malta on the drafting and implementation of their Private Trust Company law – 2015 – 2016.

Notable publications

  • Bloomberg Tax, Author, “Foreign Trusts Pose Headaches for US Transferors, Beneficiaries” (2022)
  • Bloomberg Tax, Author, “Navigating Estate and Succession Planning in the Middle East” (2022)
  • Bloomberg Tax Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal, Author, “How U.S. Persons Can Benefit From UAE Trusts and Foundations” (2021)
  • Bloomberg, Author, “The UAE—A Trust and Foundation Planning Powerhouse” (2021)
  • Bloomberg, Author, “Why America Is the Leading Jurisdictions For Trusts” (2021)
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  • Forbes, Author, “The Top Five Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Expanding Internationally” (2018)
  • Forbes, Author, “Why Reviewing Your Tax Strategy Makes Financial Sense” (2018)

Notable media appearances

  • Bloomberg Tax, Interviewee, “Anatomy of a Tax Shelter: They Called IRS ‘Too Stupid’ to Notice” (2023)
  • Law360, Interviewee, “Increased Corp. Transparency Comes With Drawbacks, Tax Pros Say” (2019) 
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Notable conferences & speaking engagements

  • International Business Structuring Association, Geneva, Switzerland, Panelist, “A Comparison of International Trusts and Foundations” (2023)
  • International Business Structuring Association, London, United Kingdom, Panelist, “Spring 2022 Conference” (2022) 
  • International Business Structuring Association, London, United Kingdom, Panelist, “Fall 2021 Conference” (2021) 
  • Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre, Dubai, UAE, Panelist, “RAKICC Foundation Launch Event” 
  • International Business Structuring Association, London, United Kingdom, Panelist, “Economic Substance and MLI” (2019) 
  • International Business Structuring Association, Dubai, UAE, Panelist, “Understanding the New Legal UAE Economic Substance Regulations” (2019) 
  • Best Invest Conference, Limassol, Cyprus, Panelist, “Anti-Crisis Strategies In An Era Of Economic Uncertainty” (2019) 
  • TaxLinked, Beyond Borders: Redefining International Taxation, Barcelona, Spain, Panelist “Is the USA the World’s Favorite (and Best) Tax Haven?”, “A Study in Contrasts–Public Beneficial Ownership Registers vs. Europe’s GDPR (2019) 
  • TaxLinked, Beyond Borders: International Tax into 2020 Conference, Limassol, Cyprus, Panelist “What’s Next for Transparency & Beneficial Ownership Registers?”, “What Can CRS Learn From FATCA?”, Moderator “The Future of State Sovereignty And Taxation In The European Union” (2018)