Foreign Branch or Subsidiary – What Do You Need the Best?

Many American business owners expand their operations internationally without stopping to ask if they need a foreign branch or subsidiary.

How To Evaluate The Best Wealth Structuring Advisor For You

Technology has revolutionized the creation of wealth and enhanced upward mobility. Flip on the TV or browse the business section of the book store and you will find countless “overnight success stories.

How To Evaluate The Best Wealth Structuring Advisor For You

As a high-net-worth individual (HNWI) and business owner, make smart decisions about protecting your assets.

Hollywood Sucks But I Want To Work There

I’m getting fed up with Hollywood. It’s almost impossible to kick back and relax without having all sorts of agendas being shoved in your face.

Common errors on international tax returns

As most of you know, Esquire Group specializes in international taxation, including the preparation of tax returns reporting foreign income and/or assets.

Unfiled or unpaid taxes? Plan on a meeting with Homeland Security the next time you come to the U.S.

Imagine this. You and your husband are U.S. citizens living abroad.  He is a teacher and you, for the time, a homemaker.  Neither of you fully understood that you needed to file your taxes or FBAR’s; an FBAR, what in the hell is that?